How to Start with PayRecon?

How to Start with PayRecon?

Step 1:

Go to this link

Click Sign up free account 

Step 2:

Fill in the required* information 

Step 3:

A message will pop out after registered.

Please check your email for the activation link.

Step 4:

we will send you an email.

Click activation link to activate your account.

Step 5:

After log in to payrecon, follow the steps to start your business! 

Step 6:

Fill up your user profile and click continue

Step 7:

A message will pop up after you fill in user profile.

you can now link your API by clicking the logo and continue.

Step 8: Set up lazada API

Select lazada logo-> connect now

Step 9:

Choose your country -> fill in your Lazada Seller Center account -> submit

Step 12: Set up shopee API

Select shopee logo -> connect now

Step 13:

Choose your country -> fill in your shopee Seller Center account -> Log in

Step 14:

Your Marketplace accounts are ready to use in PayRecon now!

Step 15: Add User Details and Company Details

Setting -> Edit user details -> Update

Step 16: Add Each Shop ID Company Details

Select store -> fill in the infomation

After setup, scroll to bottom and click confirm

Step 17: Add Warehouse

Toolbar -> Inventory -> Warehouse

Step 18:

Click add warehouse

Step 19:

Fill in your company info 

* Please take note that this warehouse is for payrecon inventory use only.