PayRecon ERP

Multichannel Ecommerce
Selling System

Simple and intuitive ERP system that helps online sellers to list and sell their products on Malaysia’s largest online marketplace. Manage your online stores easier and faster.

Multichannel Ecommerce
Order Management System

Simple and intuitive order management system that helps online sellers to list and sell their products on Malaysia’s largest online marketplace. Manage your online stores easier and faster.


Your Marketplace Connector

One place to manage all your marketplace listings & orders,  without the need of jumping in and out of every sales platform, even online stores!

Powerful order management tool

Use PayRecon ERP on every device.

Phone, tablet, computer—no matter where you are or what devices you’re using, PayRecon ERP has got you covered!

Works good on both Android and iOS devices.

Order, inventory, product management

Multichannel Order, Inventory & Product Management Tools

Browse, create and manage product listings, control inventory, and fulfill orders through an integrated ERP you love to use.

Connect to your favorite marketplace, webstore, accounting system, logistic service provider, and even POS system.

PayRecon Multichannel Product Listing Tools in OMS

When you start selling on multiple channels, problems will start popping up…

Say Goodbye to Manual Works

We do all the dirty work for you.

Let you focus on what’s important.

Seamlessly integrate all online stores in 1 place

Integrable eCommerce & Webstore: Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, WooCommerce, Shopify, and EasyStore

Key Features that will

Make You A Top Seller

PayRecon ERP is packed with advanced features to make your online order processing more automated and fast, with minimal human effort.

multichannel ecommerce inventory forecast

Auto forecast replenishment quantity based on your sales.

Better inventory management: “Right amount at the right time” ordering

Meet The Newest
PayRecon ERP Features

See how these new features work!

Ready to start selling online with PayRecon OMS?

Order management system packages for multichannel ecommerce

Take your business online

Kickstart your digital journey and accelerate your business growth by taking advantage of the SME Digitalisation Grant. Eligible SMEs able to claim up to 50% or RM5,000 matching grant per for PayRecon solutions.

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Forever-free online system training

Anytime. Anywhere.

Book your 1-to-1 system training with our support team. Available in Chinese and English. Learn with us, sell more and make more profits.

PayRecon Free lifetime system update

Free system upgrades for lifetime

Better tools. Better weapons to fight.

Allow upgrading to the latest version to enjoy new features and support without additional charges.

PayRecon order management system oms

Free PayRecon ERP system

Cloud-based order management system

Automate the online order process of your eCommerce business. 21+ integration partners.

No.1 Cloud ERP system in Southeast Asia




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