All-in-one Marketplace
Multi Chat Software Platform

Merge your online chat rooms into a centralized chat platform.

MultiChat platform combine chat apps together

Combine Your Messaging Apps Into One

An all-in-one chat platform designed to manage chat rooms of multiple marketplaces and messaging channels- closing sales in no time.

Chat with your customers without logging into accounts in multiple stores

No sweat on handling multiple chat platforms!

MultiChat integrate eCommerce chats_ messaging apps

Integrate all the chat rooms into one app

Quick Desktop Notifications

MultiChat consolidate chats in one platform
MultiChat Multiple User Account

Multiple User Account

ONE TIME login

MultiChat-One time login
MultiChat Support Ticket

Seller-To-Buyer Support Ticket

MultiChat benefits_ increase close rate and customer satisfaction

How to combine multiple marketplace chats and messaging apps into one ?

All-in-one Chat Platform

How to get your FREE Multi Chat?

Step 1: 
Login to our V1 PayRecon System
Step 2:
For existing PayRecon subscribers. You may download your multi-chat in the left navigation.
Step 3: 
Click “Download Now” to get your installer and install
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