Welcome to the Future of WMS


Step into a realm where robotics meets warehouse supply chain. Introducing a paradigm shift in warehouse management — welcome to a future where precision, speed, and intelligence converge to redefine the way you manage your inventory.

Warehouse Racking


In the dynamic landscape of e-Commerce, precision and efficiency are non-negotiable. Our Robotic Warehouse Management System transcends traditional methods, elevating inventory management to unprecedented heights. Picture a world where picking, packing, and shipping are orchestrated seamlessly by state-of-the-art robotics.

The Robotic Evolution

Picking • Packing • Shipping

PayRecon ensures that every step, from the moment inventory arrives to the final shipment, is orchestrated with robotic precision. The result? A faster, easier, and more efficient inventory management and order fulfillment process, setting the stage for a new era in warehouse automation.

Automated Picking: Let our robots handle the tedious task of picking items with unparalleled speed and accuracy.
Smart Packing: Experience flawless packing operations guided by intelligent algorithms, ensuring each package is prepared to perfection.

The future is now, and it’s robotic. Join us as we redefine the fulfillment center experience.

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Enhanced with RFID Technology

Payrecon RFID

Simplified Inventory Management

  • Customer-friendly RFID stickers are the key to effortless inventory management. By attaching RFID stickers to your products, a simple scan with our RFID scanner provides instant insights into the quantity of items in a designated area. 

Streamlined Picking and Packing

  • With PayRecon’s RFID technology, the system automatically deducts stock inventory as items pass through the detection gate. Simply bring the items close to the gate, and watch as our technology streamlines your picking and packing operations. 

Real-Time Visibility

  • With RFID technology, gain real-time visibility into your entire warehouse operations. Monitor the movement of products, track order statuses, and ensure that your inventory is in sync with your business demands. 

24/7 Workhorse efficiency

Continuous Operations, No Breaks

  • PayRecon’s robotic workforce operates tirelessly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are no breaks, no downtime – just a continuous flow of automated efficiency ensuring that your warehouse operations are always in motion. 

Optimizing Resources for Success

  • By operating 24/7, PayRecon optimizes your resources to their fullest potential. This continuous workflow maximizes the utilization of your robotic system, ensuring that every aspect of your warehouse management is fine-tuned for success.

Precision and Consistency

  • Our robotic workforce doesn’t just work tirelessly; it works with precision and consistency. The automated processes ensure that each task is executed with the same level of accuracy and efficiency, maintaining a high standard of performance consistently throughout every hour of every day.
Payrecon 24/7

The Robotic Advantage

wms erp oms integration

FREE Order Management System (Premium Account)

A tool to list products and manage orders across different marketplaces and webstores effortlessly

WMS OMS Integration

OMS Integration

Linking your marketplaces and webstores from OMS system to Warehouse

wms security

Data backup from 24/7 Uptime

Data will be automatically backed up safely in our backend

WMS operation task_flow

Warehouse Design

Customize a smooth workflow according to your floorplan to maximize warehouse storage space

WMS save storage

Receiving and Putaway

Simplify the process of storing items (inbound). Reduce the risk of misplacing or losing itemsKeep your warehouse clean and organized

wms Inventory Tracking

Inventory Tracking

Ensure inventory is accurately recorded and easily located Support FIFO goods issue

wms Dropship and Fulfillment

Dropship and Fulfillment

Able to set access rights for different users Your partners can easily view and track their cargo location and quantity

warehouse Pick-and-Pack


Achieve 100% accuracy rate. Improve productivity and customer satisfaction. Reduce errors and labor-intensive data entry

wms save money

Save Costs

Save costs by reducing human mistakes.


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