Join the Payrecon International Reseller Program Today!

Join the Payrecon International Reseller Program Today!

Are you an individual or a company in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the US, UK, Taiwan, or Australia looking for an exciting opportunity? CTH Commerce Sdn Bhd (Payrecon.my) invites motivated individuals/companies to join our reseller program!

Are you passionate about both offline and online commerce? Do you possess exceptional sales skills and aspire to earn substantial commissions? Join us as a reseller for Payrecon and be part of our rapidly expanding network.

Our Product/Service Overview:

a) Payrecon ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning):

Streamline Your Marketplace Operations

Centralize all your marketplace listings, inventory, payment reconciliation, order processing, and various reports effortlessly without the hassle of navigating through multiple sales platforms, including online stores.

We are connected with a range of sales channels, such as:

1) Lazada
2) Shopee
3) TikTok Shop
4) Amazon
5) Shopify
6) WooCommerce
7) Zalora
8) EasyStore
9) Shopline
and more.

b) Warehouse Management System/Fulfillment Center

WMS Pro – Elevate Your Warehouse Management

Our cloud-based WMS is designed to optimize warehouse operations, ensuring meticulous control for 100% accuracy and robust support for eCommerce 3PL in Malaysia. This system offers real-time visibility into inventory, manages picking and packing processes, resource utilization, analytics, and more.

c) Smart POS Pro

Seamless Sales Channel Management.

Membership : Reward customers with loyalty points or discounts through our membership program.

Cloud-based POS: Unify retail and online sales with a centralized sales data management system.

Real-time synchronization: Achieve seamless synchronization of sales data and inventory count across integrated platforms after every offline and online purchase.

Portable and convenient: Control your business anytime, anywhere, with our tablet-friendly POS system.

Multi-user management: Empower your team with multiple roles and capabilities.

d) PayRecon Multichannel E-Commerce Accounting Integrator

1) Sync and manage online orders from various marketplaces in one platform, including Shopee, Lazada, and Zalora.

2) Multi-Company Accounting: Set up multiple marketplaces and online stores in a single database.

3) Batch Knock-off Payment: Simplify payment reconciliation by automating the process.

Create Credit Notes: Handle situations like product returns or incorrect invoices efficiently.

Why Choose Payrecon?

 – We offer a comprehensive solution that seamlessly links offline and online shops, allowing businesses to manage operations from a centralized platform, even for cross-border transactions. Our management team comprises Amazon suppliers, top Lazada sellers, and IT project management experts with years of experience.

What We’re Seeking:

 – We are in search of dedicated individuals with sales experience, a strong network, and a drive to excel. Excellent communication skills and a passion for e-commerce are highly valued.

Benefits for Resellers:

  • Competitive commission structure
  • Full marketing support and materials
  • Comprehensive training and ongoing assistance
  • Flexibility in managing your schedule and clientele

To Apply:

For further information or to apply for this exciting opportunity.

Join us and be part of our success story! Please Contact: