PayRecon WMS Xpress
Warehouse Management System

PayRecon WMS Xpress (SMART WMS)

Turbocharge your warehouse operations efficiency & order fulfillment rates by 10X faster with our WMS Xpress app. Capable of processing over 10,000 daily orders.

Warehouse functions within ERP

Manage product, orders, inventory, warehouse in a centralized sytem

Common warehouse problems faced by E-commerce sellers:

Inaccurate inventory management

Inaccurate inventory management

Working with paper manually recording item inventory can painfully slow, cause chaos, and the stock-keeping never be accurate. Under/Overstocking will impact business cash flow, resulting in lost profit.

inefficient order packing

Inefficient order picking

Relying on memory is a BIG NO in inventory management. Without location labels, employees would spend a lot of time manually searching for items. An inefficient picking route can increase turn-around time.

overdependence on senior employee

Overdependence on senior employee during order picking

When newbies come, they need to rely heavily on the guidance of senior employees to get familiar with the warehouse operations. It can down your fulfillment speed and cause the late shipment to your customers.

fulfill wrong item

Prone to fulfill wrong items

Inaccurate orders definitely will be lit customers angry. This is because employees don't have a system to verify that the items they pick are wrong or correct. Wrong fulfillment can get a lot of unhappy customers, negative reviews, and product return problems exist.

high labour cost

High Labour Cost

Inefficient order picking on multiple trips can cost up to 50% of the warehouse labor burden and cost. If the order is wrong fulfilled, staff have to spend extra time dealing with damage inspections, return management, and repacking.

unable to measure employees' performance

Unable to measure employees' performance

Lack of a clear image to oversee warehouse workers' productivity. Warehouse supervisor is hard measuring their KPI performance, with no idea how to calculate the amount of time an operation takes to perform. They're highly or underperforming.

PayRecon WMS Xpress Process Flow


Create PO to record and verify the incoming stock thru PayRecon system to ensure the quantity is right and auto sync new quantity up by stock adjustment.


Moving the incoming stocks from the staging area to the right storage location.


Store the incoming stocks and assign hot selling items to the pick face area that are moving out fast for faster picking.


By using PDA or SMART Scan Mobile App, picker will receive the pick list and grab the trolley to pick the items by scanning the item’s QR Code or barcode.


Sort the customizable shipping labels to diffrent bins based on orders.


Packer scan item’s code to verify the correct item and quantity. After, wrapping and sealing the items, the relevant shipping label will be attached to the order packaging.


Lastly, group orders based on courier company and generate carrier manifest to be signed by courier to serve as a record or proof of delivery.

9 Reasons to use PayRecon WMS Xpress

>3 custom picking methods

Unique picking methods tailored to processes, product types and their delivery methods. You’re free to choose the suitable one among our custom picking methods to speed up the order fulfillment while minimizing walking.


Merge your online and offline orders in 1 place. Connect POS to integrate sales and inventory from any number of retails to ERP system.

Support PDA/Smartphone for picking

First: Auto-design picking route for picker to pick items for multiple orders in a single trip. Second: Verify whether picker have picked the right item for the order. Third: Generate carrier manifest for keep it for future reference or print Fourth: Perform goods return management

Monitor employee’s
KPI anytime

Use real-time reporting tools and data to update and monitor your staff to see who is hitting targets and who is not. Maintain the warehouse performance while improving those underperforming areas using warehouse KPIs.

Suitable for fulfillment
or dropshipping

For each order received by agent, customer order details will be automatically delivered to the supplier’s (your) ERP system, allowing the supplier to fulfill the order in fastest away.

Set ‘Pick Face Area’ for
hot selling items

Place hot-selling items in the hot-selling picking area. Travel time is greatly cut down as pickers stay in their assigned zones and pick multiple orders in one trip.

Multi- warehouse

Connect to both your online & offline shop. HQ warehouse [online] is out of stock, you can fulfill order at offline retail. Quantity will be auto-deducted & auto-sync quantity in your warehouse stock.

* Allocate 80% stock for online, while 20% stock for offline to avoid stockouts.

Generate Carrier Manifest

Counter-checking your marketplace order statuses before shipping out. Avoid deliver the same order twice and avoid send out order with canceled status. Keep a copy of manifest as proof of the number of parcels collected by the carrier.

Marketplace Quantity Sync

Sync inventory in real-time across multiple stores, marketplaces, and warehouses. Sell easily anytime, anywhere while keeping your inventory levels constant and error-free.

Onsite Warehouse Visits,
Consultation and Implementation

Let PayRecon solve your warehouse management issues

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Reason to use PayRecon WMS Lite

Interface. Streamlined.

Robust. Fast to navigate. List and board.See your process in either a list or board.

Multichannel Integration

Stock taking using PDA & SMART Scan.

Support PDA & SMART Scan

Stock taking using PDA & SMART Scan.

Monitor employee performance

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Customize shipping label

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Pick-Face Area for hot-selling items

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Multi-warehouse management feature

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Design Travel Route

Tell the picker where the item is and design a smooth & shortest picking route to make their picking job perfect.

Generate carrier manifest

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