Referral Program

All in One eCommerce Solution for your clients , no matter what size they are

Have existing clients who are looking for a complete eCommerce Solution?

Want to become eCommerce solution provider but own product not ready yet

Worry No More, We Can Help!

Earn xx% per referral

Why join us as a referral?

Leverage one of Malaysia’s #1 eCommerce ERP

Payrecon do the demo

You just introduce or share the referral link to your clients.Once the client sign up Free account or booked demo.It will recored as referraled by you.Payrecon will do the demo to clients

Payrecon do the support

You no need worry about support your clients.Payrecon do the support

No initial investment

Up front , you not need to invest any money to start to referrals..

How to join Referral program?

Step 1

Just to sign up for referral program.

Step 3

Welcome aboard ! Start to share and earn

I have signed up but I do not know where to start?

What should I do?

Step 1

Arrange your customer attend demo by PayRecon.(Strongly Suggest)

Step 2

Bundle and market PayRecon platform along with your other products/solutions.

How to market to your customers?

Email/ newsletter

Send your existing customers a newsletter to inform them about payrecon new services with your refer link!


Send them a message via WhatsApp/line/Wechat to inform your provide new payrecon services with your refer link

Social media

Promote your new service via social media like Facebook.instragram, and Youtube to let more potential customers be aware about payrecon services with your refer link.

Referral Program is suitable for

Mix and Match Your Services with Payrecon Services

Google Adwords services

eCommerce / Business related training courses

SEO services

Web design services

Graphic design services

Consultation services

Facebook advertisement services

Products uploading / content management services

Product photo shooting services

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you no need spend single cent to join referral program

Yes, your clients can always start small and upgrade their package whenever they like. They only have to pay the price differences between the current package and upgraded package.

Your clients just like other clients , payrecon will provide full online one to one training.If anytime they have question , they can contact us by whatsapp/facebook message/phone


Please do not hesitate to contact our Sales team at sales@payrecon.asia or chat us at FB Messenger

Interested in our Referral program?