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Cloud Dropshipping Management System for B2B in Malaysia

PAYRECON SMART DROPSHIP PROGRAM is a business model that allows you to sell products without keeping them in stock.

Instead, you partner with a supplier who ships the products directly to your customers. This means you don’t have to worry about buying or storing inventory, and you can focus on marketing and growing your business.

Ease of integration

Automating Dropship to Shopee and Lazada

How to dropship on Shopee and Lazada?

Integrate PayRecon With Shopee/ Lazada

Download dropshipping products from supplier webstore.

Auto-sync your products to their Shopee/Lazada.

To Suppliers

Locate products in your webstore. Let your dropshipper sell more for you!

List as many products as you wish to create an all-inclusive catalog in your webstore. No additional charges.

Product information and images will be listed automatically. No manual listings.

To Dropshipper

Earn easy money by starting your online business, without the need of keeping stocks.

PayRecon provides a built-in order management solution, which can be perfectly integrated with the dropshipping module.

Track and manage your inventory in real-time across multiple channels, track orders, and easily handle product returns - in one platform.

Free Malaysia’s dropship system for dropshipper

Full-fledged Dropship Features

Auto Order Fulfillment

PayRecon will automatically fulfill the Lazada order. No need to copy and paste customer order details.

Systematic Tracking ID Management

Delivery tracking ID will be generated as soon as the item is packed.

No minimum order requirement

You only pay dealer price even only for 1 unit.

Range of dropship suppliers and products offering

Malaysia’s best dropship suppliers in Malaysia offers a range of product category for dropshippers to choose

Hide supplier information

Supplier’s name and contact details will not be shown in the parcel.

Minimizes startup risks

Start online business in Malaysia at no cost

Lowers product costs

Get the low cost from the supplier, dropshipper earn the markup!

Free system upgrades for lifetime

New features will be automatically upgraded for free. No extra charges.

WMS & ERP Dropshipping

WMS & ERP Integration give you handy yet powerful one-stop management on daily eCommerce operations.

Easily connect suppliers to all your dropshippers with PayRecon

Try PayRecon SMART Dropship for free

Supplier Fulfillment Process

1. Upload your products into your dropship webstore.
2. Dropshipper purchase for your inventory.
3. Customer place order with dropshippier’s Shopee/ Lazada store
4. Dropshipper assign order to Supplier
5. Order will automatically sync with Supplier Account
6. Supplier starts to fulfill the order. Pick, pack, ship.
7. Customer receives the parcel

Dropshipper Fulfillment Process

1. Upload your products into PayRecon.
2. Auto-sync your products to their Shopee/Lazada Store.
3. Customers place orders with your Shopee/Lazada Store.
4. Order will automatically sync with the Supplier Account.
5. Supplier needs to process the order for the dropshipper and ship out the order.
6. Customer receives the parcel.