How to set up Xilnex integration?(V1)

How to Set Up Xilnex Web App Integration Setting?

Step 1:

Please click Sign In to login to Xilnex Integration Web Apps

Step 2:

Click DOWNLOAD XILNEX to download the application on your desktop.

Step 3:

Login to Xilnex Retail POS

Step 4:

Choose outlet and click SELECT

You are now successfully login to Xilnex Retail Business Solution

Step 5:

Now click here to login to Xilnex Developer Portal

Step 6:

Go to home page and click CREATE PROJECT under project listing

Step 7:

Complete all the fields such as Project NameDevelop Company and Company Alias. Suggested to fill in as below:

– Project Name: Your company/brand name x Payrecon
– Develop Company: Payrecon
– Company Alias: support@payrecon.co

Step 8:

On Setup Access Control page, you will be managing the API access of current project

Step 9:

Select ALL boxes on Logic and Apps, and click SAVE CHANGES when you are done. You will be redirect to the project page

Step 10:

Create a new application by clicking ADD APPLICATION

Step 11:

Fill in all the fields and click OK. You will be redirect to application page

Step 12:

Right now you already have the App ID, you need to create Token. Simply click on ADD TOKEN to create token

Step 13:

Copy the AppID and Token

Note that:
Once you copy token, open Notepad and paste them inside it. Then, you can paste them easily to Payrecon

Step 14:

Login into Payrecon, go to SETTINGS> INTEGRATION SETTING

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