How do you become a preferred seller on Shopee?

How do you become a preferred seller on Shopee?

April 23, 2020

Shopee’s Preferred Seller Programme

What is Shopee’s Preferred Seller Programme?

Preferred Sellers are exclusively selected by Shopee in recognition of their excellent sales and customer service. They are identified by the “Preferred” badge shown on their shop and listings.

What benefits do Preferred Sellers enjoy?

  • Attract more buyers as the “Preferred” badge is a sign of assurance for your product and service quality.
  • Boost your search ranking so that more buyers will discover your products.
  • Reward buyers for shopping at your store with Shopee Coins for every purchase.

How do I qualify for the Preferred Seller programme?

  • Build up a strong sales record
  • Offer excellent customer service and reply to chats promptly
  • Fulfil all orders quickly and reliably
  • Comply with Shopee’s seller policies and maintain a clean penalty record
  • Achieve high shop and product ratings

These are the detailed targets you will need to meet:

How do I know if I qualify to join the Preferred Seller programme?

Seller will receive a notification to join the Preferred Seller Programme on the first Wednesday of every month if they pass all the Preferred Seller targets.

By clicking on the notification found under Shopee Updates, you will be directed to a page to submit your IC number along with a photo of you holding your IC. Upon submission, Shopee will review the application and you will be onboarded as a Preferred Seller within a week.

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