Time Attendance

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Cloud-based Time Attendance System (TimeTracX)

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A flexible way to record and track employee’s work period.

With our time attendance system, you can track clock in and clock out without any hassle.

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Company Profile

Nexus Professional Sdn. Bhd. (NexPro) was founded in Penang, Malaysia in 2002, with more than 15 years experiences, in development and production of data collection systems and solutions for workforce management for time, attendance, and access control. Nexus Professional offers a wide range of solutions, implementing advanced biometric fingerprint technologies and wireless communication.

NexPro provides online and real-time data collection for effective and immediate access to information throughout an organization, allowing a company to improve efficiency and enhance performance.

Our solutions enable clients to accomplish their goals better, easier, and more effectively. We deliver the power of technology to innovate and speed up organizational processes.

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TimeTracX Cloud

• Cloud-Based Time Management Software
• Attendance Calculation and Reports

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Overview of our system

TimeTracX Cloud is a cloud-based time attendance software that offers the most innovative features for time attendance. It provides a stable communication for devices through LAN/WAN/Wi-Fi. Users can access the software anywhere through their web browser to remotely manage thousands of time attendance terminals under a complex network (WLAN).

An Automatic Synchronization function is available to automatically synchronize data between devices and server within the same parameter. With its new user-friendly user interface, the old mundane and troublesome tasks of managing timetable, shifting schedule, and generating attendance report have been simplified. This increases the efficiency to manage for human resource department.

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Cloud-Based Time Attendance Software

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Auto-Synchronization of Palm, Finger vein, Face, Fingerprint, and Card Templates

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Multiple Admin

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Flexible Shift Scheduling and Auto Shift

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Real-Time Data Transmission

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Attendance Calculation & Reports

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These are our clients who are using our system currently

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