Online Warehouse Management System (WMS)

First Malaysian Developed Warehouse Management System

A cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) which is designed to optimize your warehouse management and strictly control every single detail to ensure 100% accuracy.

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Picking • Packing • Shipping

Built for e-Commerce seller, dropshipping supplier, and fulfilment service provider.

Warehouse Management System enhances inventory management by optimizing storage space utilization, improving order fulfillment, and shortening order cycle time. Controlling all of your warehouse’s activities, allowing you to track every unit down to the lowest level of detail, especially in order fulfillment and inventory accuracy.

From inbound to outbound, PayRecon eWMS makes inventory management and order fulfillment faster, easier and more efficient.


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WMS OMS Integration

OMS Integration

wms security

Data backup from 24/7 Uptime

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Warehouse Design

WMS save storage

Receiving and Putaway

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Inventory Tracking

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Dropship and Fulfillment

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Save Costs

Embrace the eCommerce revolution

Multichannel Ecommerce Order Management System

Simple and intuitive order management system that helps online sellers to list and sell their products on Malaysia’s largest online marketplace. Integrate with Malaysia’s popular accounting software to automate your e-commerce accounting seamlessly.

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Cloud-based order management system

Automate the online order process of your eCommerce business. 21+ integration partners.