[Shopee Coins] How do I earn Shopee Coins?

Shopee Coins can be earned in 4 major ways as below:

  1. Rewarded through completed orders
  2. Rewarded through Daily Coins Rewards
  3. Rewarded through marketing activities
  4. Rewarded through successfully rated a product

Rewarded through completed orders
All buyers are entitled to earn 1 coins for every RM1 whenever you purchase any items (excluding purchases from the Tickets & Vouchers category) from any Shopee Preferred and Shopee Mall sellers.

The amount of Coins you earn from a particular order will be calculated based on the order’s final purchase price, minus all discounts and shipping fees.

You will only receive your Shopee Coins after your order is completed – that is, after you have clicked on [Order Received] or when Shopee Guarantee of the order ends.

Shopee Preferred sellers can be identified from this Preferred label  or orange tick on the product page or on the seller’s profile. While Shopee Mall sellers can be identified from this Mall label  or Mall icon  on the product page or on the seller’s profile.

You can earn up to 100 Coins per order. However, you can only earn up to a limit of 150 Coins daily and 300 weekly through [Rewarded through completed orders].

Shopee Coins will expire at the end of the 3rd month after they are credited to you (e.g. Coins earned anytime in June will expire on the 30th of September). You may check your Coin Balance and expiry date under your Me page > My Shopee Coins.

Rewarded through Daily Coins Rewards
You can also earn Shopee Coins by clicking on the “Daily Check In” button  in the Coins Rewards page. Access this page from the Coins Rewards Page circle icon on the homepage. Stand a chance to earn more Coins if you check in on consecutive days.


Rewarded through marketing activities
All users can also earn coins through participating Seasonal Games such as below:

*Disclaimer: All marketing activities are subjected to change according to time which may or may no longer be relevant from the time you read this article. Please do check Shopee’s homepage for latest Marketing Campaigns and Games to win Shopee Coins.

Rewarded for successfully rated a product
Buyers will be awarded with 3 coins per item that you have successfully rated after your order is completed if you have fulfilled the criteria of providing the first rating of the product with 1 picture and 50 character review.
*Edited rating will not be counted as a successful rating.

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