Accounting Integrator System that helps you to do auditing

Sync your sales to accounting system with just few clicks.

Accounting Integrator is another system that developed to help the online seller to send their invoices to accounting system such as SQL. Users just need one click to send their invoices to the accounting software for audit.

You can save all the hassle from our Accounting Integrator solutions:

  • Accounting Integrator
  • Book-keeping
  • Better sales forecast
  • Financial/Accounting Report
  • Timely submission of SST and income tax

6 Reasons Why You Need Our Integrator System

Save Cost

Reduce workforce to enter sales order details into accounting software

Reduce Workload

Simply sync your sales into accounting software

Record Keeping

Keep the past records of sales and statements for future reference

Better Taxation Management

Now you are able to submit income tax or SST in more timely and accurate manner and this less likely to make errors for tax reporting purpose

Inventory Management

Your inventory in accounting system will get updated when marketplace online transaction details is sync over by our Accounting Integrator solutions. This will increase accuracy of your stock control between offline and online business

Develop New Revenue Stream

If you are existing accounting system user and thinking of venturing into online business, you may sync your product from accounting system to online marketplaces

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